TRAIN TO ZAKOPANÉ: A TRUE STORY OF HATE AND LOVE explores the human condition in its darkest and most exquisite moments. It is a compelling love story that lays bare how compassion and intolerance can, even in the most unusual of circumstances, be one.

Written by Henry Jaglom, TRAIN TO ZAKOPANÉ reveals humanity in the most unlikely of places – prejudice. This film is based on true events that occurred in the life of Henry Jaglom’s father as he crossed Poland on a train in 1928.

Anti-Semitism was, at that time, rife in much of Europe, especially in Poland. In TRAIN TO ZAKOPANÉ: A TRUE STORY OF HATE AND LOVE, a successful Russian businessman meets a captivating young nurse in the Polish army on a train-trip to Warsaw, and he is faced with a life-changing dilemma when he discovers that the nurse he is drawn to – and who is enchanted by him — is fiercely anti-Semitic. Will he reveal to her he is Jewish? Will he move toward love, or will he move toward revenge? The actual train-ride across Poland – and the weekend stop-over in the resort town of ZAKOPANÉ that followed – haunted Henry Jaglom’s father for a lifetime.

Cast: Tanna Frederick, Mike Falkow, Cathy Arden, Stephen Howard, Kelly DeSarla and Jeff Elam